Jill is an amazing coach, the best I have ever worked with.

She is so careful to listen to every word I say and pulled out the most significant parts of my stories to where she could help guide me through blocks, mindsets, belief systems, values, patterns, habits, behaviours, past injuries and family situations.

I had more positive and ongoing changes through her coaching in six sessions than I had in 7 years of grief counselling for the loss of my brother, 2 years of business coaching to raise my income, and 20 hours of life coaching previous that just ran me in circles about my identity.

She gave me homework that I was able to complete and also changed how I valued myself, my relationships, and my life. She walked me through past injuries from when I was a teenager that I brushed off as my lack of athletic ability, helped me tie it in to emotional and life issues so I can now actually clearly see a path of healing, recovery, release, and gratitude. Amazing.

I am so grateful to have found Jill and I’m looking forward to continuing our sessions and continuing to create the life I always dreamed of!

Dr Alison DiBarto-Goggin

Missouri, USA , Live Lead Inspire

I never had considered getting a life coach before and Jill couldn’t have come along at a better time.

I felt unhappy at work, which is rare for me and realized that I had no idea what I wanted to do (or so I thought).  I felt that I was passionate about all different things and was unsure of which avenues I wanted to take.  I felt unsure about my living situation and work situation as well as my overall health and happiness.

I went from not doing what I love and having a work schedule that I did not enjoy, in addition to being unsure if I wanted to stay where I was living to having a transformed outlook and different schedule.  Jill helped me realize what I needed to be happy, gave me the encouragement I needed to make changes in my life, the clarity to figure out what it was that I wanted in my life and most importantly, helped me set several small goals to achieve my dreams.

I felt so supported by Jill and felt held accountable (in a positive way) for my goals and moving forward.

I went from spending my mornings in my house, working my afternoons and eating a quick meal for dinner to getting up early, doing yoga and then getting in the water to either swim, snorkel or surf before work and preparing healthy meals ahead of time.  I also switched my work schedule around so that I work more mornings and have the afternoons free to focus on my big dream, which is starting a skin care company.

Jill has helped me set great goals to what otherwise seemed like a very overwhelming venture.  I have been doing more research, am currently building a work table for my studio and will soon be ordering supplies to start working toward that goal!

I feel happy, energized, very positive and confident about my future business and current and continued healthy lifestyle.

Amanda Dunn

Hawaii, USA

For the past 12 months I have been on a massive journey of self-improvement/ growth. I have been creating personal goals and motivating myself to carry through with all the steps to make changes and change negative habits. I volunteered for life coaching as I wanted to try something new and maybe establish some new motivation. I also thought that I could gain insight from someone else of different strategies on maintaining and creating change in an informal environment.


Through the course of the coaching sessions, I set new goals and learnt new ideas on strategies to achieve goals. The sessions met my expectations in terms of motivation and maintenance. More than anything though, and unexpectedly, for me, there was a level of consciousness raising or thought provoking that I didn’t expect. Talking through different strategies/ideas/issues etc provided a different way of looking at things, another viewpoint that alone, I would have never discovered.


I had a great experience!


Perth, Australia

Jill has a natural empathy that is reassuring and I felt comfortable sharing myself and my goals and fears from the first session. We worked on some issues that I had felt stuck on for the longest time. Jill patiently listened and questioned me gently and prompted me to find solutions. Jill also offered great resources and suggestions. I miss our weekly catch ups.

Some people just are naturals and Jill is one of them.

Jacki Hartman

Queensland, Australia

I initially met Jill whilst studying the Certificate IV in Life Coaching. She was assigned as my coach for supervised sessions. I was so impressed with her work that I requested that she continue on as my coach for the work placement component of the course. After this ended, I was so pleased with results that I became a paying client.

Jill is a fantastic coach. She is wonderful to talk to and provides practical and workable suggestions. Making positive changes can be difficult at times, but I found that it was much easier to do so with Jill’s support, suggestions, empathy and encouragement. I am very happy with the results achieved so far, and look forward to achieving more with Jill’s help.

I highly recommend Jill as a coach.

Rita G.

New South Wales, Australia

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