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I am a life coach, writer & speaker

 I am alive & real. I am a life adventurist + life creator + a life action-ist. I dream. I create. I inspire.


 I am here to show you a new way of living


So many women look for happiness outside of themselves through succeeding in their careers, buying clothes or shoes,  throwing their hearts to the ‘right’ man, or doing the things that should make them happy like yoga or raw diets.

These are all temporary fixes of happiness. They are not long lasting. Think back to that last meal or new shoes you splurged on… Is that happiness still lingering around today?

Or another common trick to find happiness is pretend to be something they are not. This comes by sometimes in less obvious forms such as not saying how we truly feel or what we desire.

Your girlfriends might love partying every night of the weekend and every weekend, but you actually don’t like drinking and would prefer to spend your Saturday mornings bike riding followed by brunch. But every Friday and Saturday night you power on for “the girls” so you don’t miss out.

Can you see the self sabotage here?

And as the years go by, houses, cars and bigger toys fill the void.

The reason I know looking for happiness is a quick fix is because I was one of those girls. I was one of those chicks who looked for happiness by shopping up (yes, I had a great shoe collection), binge drinking (yep, every Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun) and dating (yes, there were a few of them too).


But I have come out on the other side.
Now, I am here to inspire and empower you to create a brilliant life from the inside out.


My Journey 


I love myself exactly the way I am. But, I did not always adore and admire myself 100% of the time. Nor did I honour my true self all day, every day.

The Dalai Lama said, “the purpose of our lives is to be happy” but we can only achieve this by accepting and loving ourselves.

Lasting happiness and creating a life of what you desire is an inside job.

At 25, I became acutely aware I was NOT living a life I had imagined. I was going through a Quarter-Life-Crisis. I was lost, miserable and confused. I felt lonely, tired and stuck. I was bored and felt powerless.

Negative self-talk consumed my thoughts – Thoughts of not being good enough, pretty or sexy enough, or smart enough paralysed me. I looked for happiness outside of myself.

To others, I was a confident, happy chick; on the inside I was self-loathing. I was trying to always be somewhere else, rather than enjoying where I already was.

But, deep inside I knew there was more…

A journey of self love began. I made a commitment to myself to love myself every day. I stared at myself in the mirror, literally and metaphorically, I pulled back the layers of my self to reveal a glittering light then a shining star. I surrounded myself with inspiration. I read books and experimented with various exercises. Various teachers of different walks of life presented themselves.

 I fell in love myself.

I learnt to accept myself completely. 

I became my own best friend.

As a result:

 I am radiant and live in the flow of life

 My self confidence and esteem grew

 My life/work/play balance improved

 My relationship with family and friends strengthened

 My clarity and vision for bigger and grander dreams expanded along with the achievement of reaching them

 I discovered my purpose and passion

♥  I discovered more Happiness + Peace + Love.


10 Random Facts About Me


1. I love to Travel

My choices of places to travel are often based on scrumptious food or chasing the most beautiful beaches in the world. In 2012 & 2013 my husband (Matt) and I left behind a world we knew exchanging it for indefinite travel adventure exploring Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Hawaii and Australia.

2. I love the beach and the great outdoors

I’m the happiest when I am outdoors in the water, hiking through unknown territories or just chilling out under a waterfall.


3. I am happily married to an incredible and sexy man, Matt.




4. I have 2 younger sisters, Teena & Kate

When we were growing up we fought a lot, but now I absolutely adore and love them.


5.  Molly & Benson are our doggies

Molly is a very sweet and happy dog who occasionally comes surfing and SUP’ing with me. And Benson, an adventurer at heart, but is now in his later years he sleeps most of the day until 4pm when its “walkie” time.


6. I love chick flicks and pop music

I grew up singing along to Hansen, Spice Girls and Aqua. Speaking of singing, according to friends and family, I hold the record for the WORST SINGER IN THE WORLD. This doesn’t stop me! Singing makes me happy so I keep doing it 🙂


7. I love chocolate and desserts!


8. My favourite number is 2


9. I love colour, especially bright colours

Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Purple and Orange and Blue, all the colours of the Rainbow


10. I have always wanted to help people

In my graduation speech in primary school I said, “When I grow up I am going to help people”. I became a Registered Nurse which I enjoyed, but knew it wasn’t my calling. But through my journey I discovered I am here to empower and inspire women to colour their lives from the inside out. 

About Me

Hi I'm Jill - a certified life coach, writer and speaker. I am here to show how its possible to create and live a life full of happiness and joy.

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